Dave Grohl Breaks Leg During Performance – Sign His Cast – Via The Web

Sign Dave Grohl's Cast - East Coast Rocker
Sign Dave Grohl's Cast - East Coast Rocker
Staff Report – The “World’s Nicest Rocker” is apparently also indestructible.

After falling off the stage and breaking his leg during a June 12 concert in Sweden, Foo Fighter Dave Grohl went on with the show—for another two and a half hours as medics stood by his side!
How do you give back to the Hardest Working Man in show business?

Creative agency EVB and development shop BausCode devised a way for anyone, anywhere, to give Grohl a little long-distance love.Today, they launched Operation #SignDavesCast at the microsite www.SignDavesCast.com.

Visitors can go to the site and tweet well wishes, and all posts will appear on Dave’s Virtual Cast. Some will be printed on a flexible cast sleeve and presented to Grohl while he recuperates from his post-injury surgery. 

“When a Rock God breaks a leg, he finishes the show,” reads the website, which was designed to turn virtual into reality. “When mortals sign his cast, they do it with the Internet.”The cast sleeve, which can hold about 300 messages, will be presented to Grohl in early July. 

“The Internet is best when it’s used for good,” says EVB’s ECD Steve Babcock, who with the agency created the social movement #RedThumbReminder, an initiative intended to curb texting/distracted driving. “Commemorating such a hardcore act as finishing a show with a broken leg felt like just the thing to do with the technology.”