Miss Cactus and The Desert Release New Video ‘Dating School’


Miss Cactus and The Desert have released a new video called “Dating School,” that tells women it’s okay not to follow the rules.

It’s apparent Miss Cactus does not follow the rules either. “Dating School” has a samba beat and gives off a sensous but silly 1970s throwback vibe. The video looks as if it were filmed in the basement of your grandma’s house, complete with the stylish fake wood panelling popular in the day.

Miss Cactus and The Desert - Dating School
Miss Cactus and The Desert – Dating School

There is a lot of talent here and Miss Cactus and The Desert clearly illustrate that it’s OK to convey a serious point with eye-catching delivery. Miss Cactus and the Desert have released three singles and will be releasing their first EP called Oasis in March. 

“Dating School” targets Miss Cactus’ experience growing up with sexist traditions as a woman of color and seeing these matters play a role when it comes to the dating world.

“I’m going to have to learn to forget all the advice from my mama’s friends,” she purrs, spinning and flirting before the camera.

Miss Cactus wants to empower and encourage women of all colors to not be afraid to behave according to others’ norms. 

Check out ‘Dating School’ here: