Cher Makes ‘I Hope You Find It’ to Honor the People

Cher - I Hope You F
Cher - I Hope You Find It


Cher the superstar has made yet another classic production with “I Hope You Find It,” underscoring her belief better times are on the horizon.

Her career has been like a rising rocket since she hit the scene in the mid-1960s under the tutelage of the late  Sonny Bono, and through the days of her solo career. Cher is considered the ultimate diva of the divas.

“I Hope You Find It” is raw, unadulterated Cher. She exposes her vulnerabilities with this beautiful song that captures dreams and allows us to accompany her — even if just for only a little bit — on her journey.

The fans love Cher and have stayed with her from the days of her CBS TV show, which brought good music and performances to audiences all over the world.

It was the days of Bob Mackie and glamour and Cher certainly had her share of excellent guests.

Cher and David Bowie – Live:

Need we say more?

Cher – I Hope You Find It