Jefff Presents a New View on Communication Through ‘Windows’

Jefff releases track Windows - Courtesy
Jefff releases track Windows - Courtesy


“Windows,” the new track from the artist singularly known as Jefff, gives alternative-music lovers, and communicators alike, something to celebrate.

Jefff has some avant-garde leanings with his fun and hopeful song and accompanying video, “Windows,” but he and his group of musicians have a serious message: We need to come together through clear communication.

With “Windows,” Jefff takes on the duties of guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist while Dan Africano rocks the bass and Neal Evans keeps the beat on the kit. The production of the music and video, — keenly guided and assembled by Lance Taylor and mixed by Ian Shaw — shows how entertaining music with good sound and visuals can actually work in this new age.

All is not as it appears in Jefff's Windows - Courtesy
All is not as it appears in Jefff’s ‘Windows’ – Courtesy

Though Jefff is located in the keys, this musical creation is about the farthest you can get from brethren island-dweller, Jimmy Buffet. “Windows,” while taking on a fun, upbeat style, is an intricate musical accompaniment to an intellectual statement about today’s culture.

Jefff’s voice is similar to that of Nils Lofgren and the music has a throwback vibe that echoes the complexities of Talking Heads and Todd Rundgren. There’s enough electronica to keep fans of that popular post-punk tool engaged.

“Windows” presents appealing and intangible music that lays the foundation for Jefff’s compelling but succinct words: “What are we doing here?”

Check out Jefff at his website, on Spotify and on his label, Conch Town Music.