Angelo Rose Releases Album ‘Glisten,’ All Proceeds Go to St. Damien Hospital


Rochester-based musician Angelo Rose has released his new album Glisten with 100 percent  of the proceeds from sales, streaming and downloads going to Haiti humanitarian efforts and St. Damien Pediatric Hospital.

Donate to St. Damien Pediatric Hospital by purchasing or streaming the album here:


Angelo Rose’s music is organic and poetic in the truest of songwriting styles. Glisten opens with the heartfelt “A Little Too Long” followed by the emotion and soul-searching “There’s A Hole.”

“Love This Town” is an anthem for a top-down drive down a city boulevard. “Hammer Named Kindness” is filled with sonic landscapes and chiming guitar lines. In listening to the songs on Glisten, there’s a journey with Rose, who not only wrote, produced and sang on every track, he also played every instrument throughout the ten-song set.

More on St. Damien’s Pediatric Hospital here

In 2017 Rose released the album, Afterglow, and all proceeds from sales, streaming and downloads exclusively benefitted the children of St. Damien’s Pediatric Hospital.  The album is currently streaming in over thirty countries.  Continuing his journey as a cause artist Rose will be donating all proceeds from sales, streaming, and downloads of Glisten to Haiti and St. Damien Pediatric Hospital.

Hear Rose tell his story on Rochester Storytellers Project here

Angelo Rose – There’s a Hole