Patti Smith, Renaissance Rockers make Resurgence in Summer 2013

Patti Smith promotes Banga
Donna Balancia with Patti Smith - photo by BALANCIA
Patti Smith is on tour with Banga – photo by DONNA BALANCIA

NEW YORK CITY — The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Patti Smith … seems everyone is on tour.

Come to think of it, maybe everyone is — it’s a resurgence of Renaissance Rockers during this ’70s Summer.

Here’s to all the 70s rockers who are either on tour or have just come out with an album.  Oh and BTW that’s “nineteen” 70s (1970s) — not a reference to anyone’s age.

And while the 1970s were great years for music, opinions differ on other aspects of hip pop culture.

Here’s what’s happening with the musical artists who came to fame during the decade responsible for clogs, “Ultra-Suede,” and “Members Only” jackets:


Rolling Stones – 50 and Counting Tour

Paul McCartney – Out There Tour

Rod Stewart – Tour to promote his new album, Time.

Todd Rundgren – Tour to promote new album, State.

David Bowie The Next Day

Stooges – Tour to promote new album, Ready to Die

Patti Smith – Tour to promote new album, Banga

Peter Frampton is on tour

UB40 – Tour to promote Getting Over The Storm

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