Happy Freuds Impress with Diverse Collection on ‘Echo of Sounds’


Happy Freuds, the Javea, Spain-based quartet has a 1970s keep listeners leaning in with a diverse range of sound. The new album, Echo of Sounds, is masterfully produced and engineered and this band has a bright future.

And no, they’re not perpetually happy, but the name is somewhat of a study in opposites as few have known Sigmund Freud to actually discuss happiness very often.

The Happy Freuds Influences

The band’s influences run the gamut from metal to funk to Americana.

Leading off the album is “Push” which, like many of the selections has a funky appeal but big rock sound. It’s one of the more appealing songs on the album, and there is plenty of diverse sound to keep a range of listeners enthralled. 

Our favorites are the mellow “Blue,” the rowdy “Chauncey,” “Low Are The Punches” and “Rocking and Stumbling,” which reflects many a night people experience.