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Bob Roback Out as Fender President

EXCLUSIVE to CaliforniaRocker.com – Fender plays on without a president.

California Rocker has learned President Bob Roback is no longer with Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

When California Rocker reached out for a comment to do a story on his 1-year anniversary, it was discovered Roback was not able to be reached at the offices of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

As of yet no successor has been named. READ MORE AT CALIFORNIAROCKER.COM


California Rocker gets ‘Best Blog’ Nom by LA Press

California Rocker wins nomination by LA Press Club

California Rocker, the sister publication of East Coast Rocker tabs LA Press Club nom. Logo © by Donna Balancia

LOS ANGELES — California Rocker, the West Coast-based sister publication of East Coast Rocker, has been nominated for Best Entertainment Blog by the Los Angeles Press Club, it was announced Friday night.

Produced by Donna Balancia, California Rocker covers emerging musicians and established rockers in the Golden State.

“It’s a challenging era in which to be a journalist, as it is to be a musician,” said Donna, who also produces East Coast Rocker.  “The nomination to Best Entertainment Blog in our first year of operation means a lot, especially coming from such an illustrious panel of editors.”

California Rocker serves the need of underserved musicians, who today more than ever, need the support of publications and music publicity.

“Musicians give their all to their audiences and receive nothing in return, especially in the early years,” said Donna.  “Some musicians don’t receive recognition until late in the game.  If you have music we should hear, please contact California Rocker.”

The Los Angeles Press Club holds its annual awards ceremony on Nov. 23 at The Biltmore in downtown Los Angeles.  For more information go to the Los Angeles Press Club website.

Fender Names Bob Roback President, Opens New LA Office

California Rocker Bob Roback

New Fender president Bob Roback will open LA Office

LOS ANGELES — Bob Roback has been named President of Fender Musical Instruments Corp. and will open a new Los Angeles-based office for the company.

Mainly known as co-founder of Dashbox and former Head of Music for Yahoo!, Roback has been an entrepreneur and executive in the music business since 1991.

Read More at California Rocker

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