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Bailey Mullins Review: Adam Bonomo Debuts His Album, ‘Phases,’ at Joe’s Pub in the East Village

New York Songwriter Impresses at Joe’s Pub

Photos and Review By BAILEY MULLINS

Adam Bonomo, a NYC- based songwriter, pianist and producer, celebrated the release of his debut album, Phases, with an hour-long intimate show at East Village standby Joe’s Pub.

Going through the album’s tracks, Bonomo showcased his strong vocals and ability to capture a room. His habit of introducing each song before playing gave the audience understanding and connection to the music.

Bonomo at Joe’s Pub

Bonomo, on piano and vocals, was joined on stage by a bassist, a drummer, two background singers, and guitarist, friend and longtime musical partner Andrew Renfroe. They started the show with “Redshifted,” a chanty song off Phases with blues hooks and Southern gospel influences. The band asked the crowd to join in for “Water,” a soft, folk-inspired track with lyrics that are easy to sing along to.

Taking a pause from his original music, Bonomo performed a mashup of The Beatles’ “Yesterday” and “Blackbird,” adding his own upbeat twist and jazz riffs.

The rest of the band quieted for a duet performance of another song off the new album, “Repeating,” by Redfield and Bonomo. Bonomo closed out the show with “Baby’s Alright,” which he described as a lullaby written from a child’s perspective, with the central message that everything will be alright if you work hard enough.

Bonomo’s debut album, Phases, is available for purchase on Bonomo’s website and for streaming on Spotify.

Check out Bonomo’s video for “Water” here:

Teen Vice Has A Lot of Angst and It Shows Through Their New Style of Punk-Surf Sound

Driving Beats and Great Vocals Power Teen Vice

Teen Vice Rocked Pianos - Photo © 2016 Dani Miller

Teen Vice Rocked Pianos – Photo © 2016 Dani Miller


Teen Vice brought a combination of post-punk and surf rock to their show at low-key NYC bar and venue Pianos.

The Brooklyn-based band, consisting of Tammy Hart (guitars and vocals), Joshua Ackley (bass and vocals), May Dantas (guitars and vocals) and Derek Pippin (drums) is full of raw energy.

The alternative rock group has been playing for years – and it shows.

Lead singer Hart’s music career began in high school and led her to tour with big names Sleater-Kinney, Indigo Girls and The Butchies. Dantas formed her first band at just 13 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Pippin and Ackley began their musical careers together, founding acclaimed punk band The Dead Betties. Hart, Pippin and Ackley met on tour at the legendary punk club 924 Gillman in Berkeley, Calif.

While Teen Vice has a new single, 'Out of Excuses,' their music needs none - Photo by Dani Miller

Teen Vice has a new song, ‘Out of Excuses,’ but their music needs none – Photo by Dani Miller

Although Pianos’ concert room is small, Teen Vice did not diminish their sound or the atmosphere of a rock to show to match the size of the venue. Hart kept up a steady conversation with the crowd, introducing songs with quips like, “That song was about when people f*ck you over at work” and “This one’s for my Southern friends.”

The setlist included singles “Out of Excuses,” “Cry for You,” “Aneurysm” and “White Guilt,” a catchy song that wouldn’t be out of place on a 2005  The Strokes album.

With their extensive music backgrounds, it’s clear that Teen Vice knows how to produce and perform excellent rock music.

Teen Vice is working towards their first studio album, and you can listen to their singles on Soundcloud. To find out about upcoming shows, follow the band on Facebook and Instagram @teenviceband.

Highly Suspect Introduces New Album, ‘The Boy Who Died Wolf’ To Fans at Rockin’ Irving Plaza Show

Highly Suspect - File photo by Roberta

Highly Suspect – File photo by Roberta


From local Brooklyn bars to the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, Highly Suspect has spent the last seven years rocking out the crowds at more than 800 shows around the world.

The band has earned its appeal.

Highly Suspect, comprised of twin brothers Rich (bass, vocals) and Ryan Meyer (drums, vocals) and their best friend Johnny Stevens (guitar, vocals, synthesizer), played New York’s Irving Plaza as part of their country-wide tour.

‘Little One,’ ‘My Name is Human’

Highly Suspect brought the bluesy-hard rock that their amped-up fans have come to love and expect. The setlist included “Little One” and “My Name Is Human” two already-released singles off the band’s upcoming sophomore album, The Boy Who Died Wolf, which is set for release on Nov. 18.

Highly Suspect - File photo by Roberta for EastCoastRocker.com

Highly Suspect – File photo by Roberta for EastCoastRocker.com

And of course, they rocked the crowd with “Lydia,” “Claudeland,” “Bath Salts,” “Mom” and a number of other songs off their debut album Mister Asylum (released June 25, 2015). Concert-goers sang along with every song, adding to the electric atmosphere at the show.

After getting their start playing covers in their hometown of Cape Cod, Mass., Highly Suspect moved their classic rock sound to the music-drenched streets of New York. Over the years, they’ve polished and matured their sound, pumping out relatable lyrics that tell of personal experiences, anger and heartbreak.

Highly Suspect GRAMMY Nominations

Highly Suspect was nominated for two awards at the 2016 Grammys. “Lydia” received a nod for Best Rock Song, and Mister Asylum was up for Best Rock Album. There’s no doubt we’ll be hearing more from this trio, and we can’t wait to see where they’ll take their music next.

Highly Suspect is touring the United States through the end of November. For tickets and a list of Highly Suspect’s upcoming shows, visit Ticketmaster. You can find their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Amazon Music and Google Play.

Kaleo Brings Semi-Southern Blues to Irving Plaza in First of Two Sold Out Shows

Kaleo by Guilherme da Silva for EastCoastRocker.com

Kaleo – Photo by Guilherme da Silva for EastCoastRocker.com


NYC’s Irving Plaza was packed on Friday night with fans ready for night two of Kaleo‘s sold-out stop in New York.

The Icelandic rock newcomers bring a surprisingly southern sound and deliver a show so polished and seamless you’d think they’ve been touring for a decade.

The crowd sang along to tracks off A/B including “No Good,” “Vor I Vaglaskogi” (the only song in their native language), “Way down We Go,” and “All The Pretty Girls,” arguably the band’s best-known track. Kaleo also threw some new songs – “Alter Ego,” “My Gun,” and “Walk on Water,” to name a few – that fit the band’s sound and were well-received by the audience.

Although the quartet – comprised of Jökull Júlíusson (vocals and guitar), Davíð Antonsson (percussion and vocals), Daníel Ægir Kristjánsson (bass guitar), and Rubin Pollock (guitar and vocals) – has only been touring the United States since 2015, the band’s music carries a more all-American feel than most actual American bands.

kaleo-album-cover-abCheck out Kaleo on Soundcloud.

The Americana vibe is most blatantly exhibited in the track “Automobile,” a honky-tonk number about roadtripping through California that wouldn’t be out of place on a country music radio station.

2016 has been a big year for the blues-rock band who, in addition to releasing their debut major label album, A/B, on June 10, has already seen some mainstream success. In February 2016, Kaleo’s single “No Good” was included in the HBO drama Vinyl‘s companion album. Another of the band’s singles, “Way Down We Go,” was featured in the season 4 trailer for the Netflix hit Orange is the New Black in May, as well as in promos for FOX’s Empire and NBC’s Blindspot.

Kaleo’s classic sound is one we’re sure to hear a lot more of. The band’s Handprint Tour continues through the U.S. until May 2017. You can find a complete list of tour dates here.

Glass Animals Light Up Manhattan’s Terminal 5 in First of Two NYC Performances on US Tour

Glass Animals - Photo by Bailey Mullins for East Coast Rocker

Glass Animals – Photo by Bailey Mullins for East Coast Rocker

UK Band Impresses With New Album ‘How to be a Human Being’


Glass Animals, a UK-based synth/indie/rock/pop quartet, played the first of two NYC shows on their U.S. tour to a sold-out audience at Manhattan’s Terminal 5.

Glass Animals Festival Power

The band released their sophomore album, How to be a Human Being on August 26 to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Their triumphant return to T5 is a testament to their success in the live arena.

The influence of Glass Animals’ past two years on the festival circuit is clear in their performance. Every song was a hyped, elevated version of the album’s tracks, with rhythmic builds leading to crowd-pumping drops. The lighting and production added to the rock-show-meets-EDM atmosphere.

The band opened with “Premade Sandwiches,” a short, spoken rap track.

The seamless flow of songs included favorites off 2014’s ZABA including “Gooey” and “Toes,” and a scattering of songs off the new album including “Season 2 Episode 3,” “Life Itself” and “The Other Side of Paradise.” They closed their set with their always-popular cover of Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown,” and the angry, bizarre anthem “Pork Soda.”

The band Glass Animals has been popular with the fans since their debut, Zaba, which brought the group more than 7 million listeners on Spotify in 2015. With How to be a Human Being, the band continues its momentum.

You can stream Zaba and How to be a Human Being here.

Glass Animals is touring North America through December. Visit Ticketmaster for ticket info and a full list of upcoming shows, including in Los Angeles at The Greek Theatre on Sunday, Oct. 16.