Lucinda Belle Updates the Sound of 1960s Motown with ‘Baby Don’t Cry’


Lucinda Belle puts a modern bluesy spin on Motown-style performance with the song “Baby Don’t Cry.” 

The song has got a beat and is one of the best singles we’ve heard in the young 2019. Lucinda has taken the popular 1960s girl bebop bands and gives it a sweet solo twist.

But it’s not only one of the most compelling tracks we’ve heard because the year is young, but it’s also because the music is simple and complete. Lucinda brings a special touch to a song that sounds like the Ronettes.

Lucinda, who is based in the UK, brings her sound to the U.S. and is planning to release her next album. 

Instead of playing classical with her harp, she uses countless types of music, from classical to jazz, pop to hip hop, blues to reggae, to create a sound that’s her own trademark. 

Check out “Baby Don’t Cry” here:


Lucinda’s Adaptable Style Enables Cherished Collaborations

Lucinda has worked with some of the music business’ most well known musicians, a testament to her ability to change things up stylistically. Her collaborators include Rufus Wainwright, Seal, Yes, Annie Lennox, Jamiroquai and Natalie Cole.

She was nominated for a Best Song Oscar in 2015 for for “Going Nowhere” which was in in the Johnny Depp film For No Good Reason. She’s also done a little screen work herself, performing as ‘Dixie Darling’ with the Punch Drunk Theatre Company in The Drowned Man and made cameo appearances in the New York production of  Sleep No More.

And apparently the delighful harpist has taken her gift of adapting songs to current trends and applied it to another popular tune, Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Watch Smells Like Teen Spirit here: