Pete Mancini Releases More than Music with ‘Pine Box Derby’

Pete Mancini - Photo by Deone Jahnke


Cherished memories that leave a lasting feeling are commonplace among us all, but only a special few are able to put those memories into music. “Pine Box Derby” is a single by Pete Mancini that brings back to life all those great times from childhood.

Mancini has taken his memories of winning the Pine Box Derby and has created a tribute to that victory, one that listeners can relate to.

“I was a Tiger Scout as a kid,” Mancini recalled. “I had one major accomplishment in my short-lived scout career: I won the Pine Box Derby. Fast forward to 2016 when I was going through some tough times. I went on a walk to clear my head, and passed by the church where they held scout meetings all those years ago. They have AA meetings there now. I found that kind of funny and went home with a verse in my head.”

“Pine Box Derby” is a beautifully crafted, mixed and mastered song in the vein of some of the best singer-songwriters around. The music depicts a definite location and Mancini’s voice is so heartfelt it can melt the hardest of feelings. Cassandra House contributes complimentary background vocals.

The experience of going back in time and connecting the past to his present made Mancini look at some hard truths. 

Pete Mancini - Photo by Shelley Fromm
Pete Mancini – Photo by Shelley Fromm

“At some point we all have to take stock of the road we’re on and whether or not we want to course correctly,” he said. “We can’t go back, but we can map out our paths along the way and pass them on; a signpost at a crossroads, somewhere between hardship and a higher road that leads you home.”

Artist Name: Pete Mancini

Location: NYC

Release Name: Pine Box Derby

Release Date: Oct 09, 2018

Label: Diversion Records

Producer: Pete Mancini

Track List:

Pine Box Derby


Pete played everything on the single and sings. Cassandra House performed BG vocals.

Styles: Alt Folk, Americana, Alt Country

Release Notes

Pine Box Derby is the first of three singles that will be on Pete’s sophomore album to be released in 2019.