Randal Branham Reflects Pride in ‘Simple’ Central Florida Roots


Randal Branham takes a singer-songwriter approach to alternative rock music and creates a genre that is almost completely his own. The Central Florida-based singer will release his new album, Simple, this week.

Branham, who is a product of the local region’s aerospace, technology — and fishing — hub, creates memorable music that reflects his upbringing. There are still places on this planet that have kind people who are considerate of others.

Branham’s piano melodies and vocals are noteworthy and reflect his life along the Indian River, a mere bridge-length away from the Atlantic, on this new release.

Randal Branham recently held his release party in Orlando - Courtesy photo
Randal Branham recently held his ‘Simple’ release party in Orlando – Courtesy photo

Branham’s album, Simple, is comprised of 15 compelling tracks, produced in collaboration with Alberto Ochoa.

It’s amazing how varied the songs are, ranging from the deep, thoughtful cuts like “Who’s is this Lady,” “Last Hour” and “Man to Man” to the high-energy “Go Out.” The energetic tune, “Walking,” is his lead single.

Check out ‘Walking’ here:

The “Walking” video was produced by Albert Ochoa on VadaVinyl label and was directed by Karluca Prieto. The song was written by Branham and Craig Stroupe.

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Branham is no stranger to accolades. He sang the pride anthem “Man to Man” to 50,000 attendees in Orlando, close to his home in Central Florida. He won the Billboard Song Contest award for “Kid,” he got the Billboard Honorable Mention for “Wonderful,” and he took the International Song Writers Guild award for “Kid.”

In addition, Branhan performed twice at Florida Music Festival and performed twice at Winter Garden Music Festival.

Artist Name Randal Branham

Location Orlando, FL

Release Name Simple

Release Date September 18, 2018

Label Vadia Vinyl

Producer Alberto Ochoa 

Track List

1. Simple To Extreme (Feat. Tom Goss)

2. Wonderful

3. Walking

4. Man To Man (acoustic)

5. Who Is This Lady?

6. Your Shining Love

7. Dreams

8. Slow Dance

9. Go Out

10. Fly Away

11. Touching Down

12. As Much

13. Last Hour

14. Touching Down (acoustic)

15. Man To Man (club mix) 


Randal Branham: Vocals & Piano

Nate Anderson: Saxophone

Gilbert Dhennin: Soprano Sax, Ewi

Denise Acerra: Flute

Alton Atherton “Fingers”: Bass

Minet Gregory: Backup Vocals

Napoleon Baca: Lead Guitar

JoseLuis Castillo: Acoustic Guitar