The Thirds Turn Random Noise Into Cool Record with ‘Dork Matter’


The Thirds provide entertainment with the new album “Dork Matter,” an avant-garde album comprised of modern — and offbeat — but definitely fun songs.

It’s ridiculously “avant garde” music, where the drums in particular seem to be doing their own thing. It’s like a twisted blend of the rage of The Dead Milkmen meeting the vulnerability of Jonathan Richman. What year is this, anyway?

These are talented musicians, but they took a left hand turn somewhere in upstate New York, where they’re from. From the one live clip provided, we can see that The Thirds could be fun in a live venue and perhaps we should reserve further judgment until we can see them.

The first single off the album, “Antimatter” is a clever idea: “I don’t matter, I antimatter,” which is often how we all feel in this less and less human world.

“Antimatter” is the first single off “Dork Matter,” check it out:

Recording Matter

The Thirds’ songs on Dork Matter are good but it would be better if the band didn’t rely on gimmicks like vintage radio clips because it’s pretty bad when the antiquated radio clips are a better quality than the recording itself.

We particularly like the song “Say a Few,” which couples pure self-loathing with seemingly random insanity of the music. There are some quasi-intellectual statements scattered about throughout the song, in particular the beautiful line: “Admission of guilt is absolution of responsibility to change,” so true.

The Thirds Have Got ‘Something’

Their previous album, 60/60 is another compilation of “interesting” songs but there is a message that needs to be repeated for us to understand. One thing is clear, whether there is this affected need to present their music in an elementary manner or not, it’s good stuff.

There is some excellent music here on Dork Matter, including great guitar riffs and wild drumming. Don’t let this lo-fi recording fool you as it almost did to us. It took a while for us to really hear the talent here. Listening to The Thirds’ music is like the stages of death: First there’s denial, then there’s anger and, finally, reluctant but helpless acceptance.  In other words, it’s far out but it works.

Release Name: Antimatter/Maybe/Dork Matter EP
Release Date: May 25, 2018
Label: Independent
Producer: Self-Produced
Track List:
1. Buncha Nerds
2. Say A Few
3. Statue of Limitations
4. Miracle Metal
5. Maybe
6. Antimatter
Chris Saporito: Vocals, Bass, and Guitar
JJ Padovani: Vocals, Bass, and Guitar
Cody Lengel: Drums
Styles: Indie Rock, Rock and Roll, Grunge, Noise Rock