Blakeley Makes Us Long for More Holiday Spirit With New Song


We’re not ready to go back to work or stop playing with the new toys. So, that being the case, we are spinning some “Holiday Vinyl” by the singer Blakeley.

Blakeley brings us a very cool song with a retro feel to it, that could fit into any playlist.  Blakeley’s voice is a raspy and seductive conduit through which the listener can see a snowy New York City Christmas in the 1970s.

Blakeley has been busy - Photo courtesy of Blakeley Music
Blakeley has been busy – Photo courtesy of Blakeley Music

At almost four minutes, this simple song recipe conjures up the spice of Jeannie C. Riley blended with  the vocal strength of Cass Elliott and the boldness of Lady Gaga.

Next year instead of playing this wistful song at the end of the holiday season wishing for the presents to keep coming and wishing for the boss to get off our backs, we will start playing it in November.

Blakeley writes, produces, and performs her work in a variety of mediums. She is currently at work on an EP with Happy Hound records, set for release at the end of 2017. Check out more of her music on her official website.

Blakeley has a lot going on. In addition to fielding the compliments off the holiday song, she’s working on the finishing touches of a new EP, which we will keep an eye out for.