‘Where Were You?’ Is the Latest Feather-Ruffler by Polished Provocateur Les Techno


The question is asked by Les Techno that a lot of people can’t answer.  So, “Where Were You?”

Les Techno has created — in a Thomas Dolby sort of fashion — a protest song for the new milliennium.

It’s the first music released since “Whatever Happened to Les Techno?” his acclaimed EP released last July.

Les Techno asks ‘Where Were You?’

Techno Has Cool Style

Techno has got cool style. His music is fun and has a great beat, reminicent of the 1980s electronic new-wave era.

The video is very well done, bringing in this Max Headroom-esque vibe.  We have the feeling Les is a fan of video games and has watched a lot of TV news.

Check out the Les Techno Facebook page.

Techno is a New York City rocker who played guitar, and sang in popular rock hangouts, including in the bands Sim-Stim and Love Posse.

His pals include the late Larry Coryell and Techno trained himself in synthesizers and analog music tech.  It’s obvious Techno’s got a strong background in tech and music and it’s a pleasure to hear this innovative artist do his thing.