Jay Clark Band Rocks the Right Notes With Sophomore Album, ‘Turning It Up’


The Jay Clark Band has released a hot new record with Turning It Up.

With a voice like Alice Cooper and music that sounds like a cross between Lynyrd Skynrd and the Outlaws, the Jay Clark Band rocks. We look forward to more from this great musician and his group.

Turning It Up is a visual and compelling collection of songs on this, The Jay Clark Band’s second album. The music takes the listener down an old country road, like on the single “Backroads,” to wistful times featured on “A Storm Is Coming” and on “Hometown.”

It’s a great sophomore effort from this Americana-influenced rocker.

Jay Clark Evolving

“I wanted to show growth both as a writer and creatively,” Clark said. “I set out to write songs that had deeper meaning and could keep the listener interested from the first note on Turning It Up to the last note on Hometown. I hope I’ve done that.”

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Clark played in a number of cover bands while growing up in Ohio and after college. He decided to put down the mic for a few years and get a “real” job but never gave up the dream of a life in music.

He began to write his own songs and tell the stories of the people that left an impression on him and add  a little humor,

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Release Info

Artist Name: JCB or Jay Clark Band

Location: Dayton, OH

Release Name: Turning It Up

Release Date: Dec 15, 2017

Producer: None

Track List:

1. Turning It Up

2. On My Way

3. Won’t Let You Down

4. Backroads

5. A Storm Is Coming

6. Crank It Up Loud

7. Coming Back To You

8. Hometown


Jay Clark – Singer, Guitar, Bass

Rob Carlson – Lead Guitar

Dwayne Russell – Keyboards

Coby Utterback – Drums

Styles: Southern Rock, Country Metal, Rock, Country Rock