Bruce Springsteen Calls Australian Teen Nathan Testa Up On Stage to Play ‘Growin Up’ Duet

Video courtesy of MsEsther76
Video courtesy of MsEsther76


Bruce Springsteen gave a Brisbane, Australia, boy a chance to play with him on stage.

Nathan Testa was called out of the audience and took it all in stride, hopping up on stage with The Boss and joining in for “Growing Up.”

Springsteen said Nathan was “The future of rock and roll” and The Boss called the kid up on stage after seeing his sign that said he could play the song on guitar.

“You know it on guitar?” he asked. “Come on up.” The duo played the song, which Nathan obviously knew by heart.

“When i was your age I got my first guitar I realized it wasn’t about how well you played it but how you look doing it,” Springsteen said in his famous words. The words never had truer meaning as the two played — and posed for the crowd at the Brisbane Entertainment Center.

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