Robert Nix Makes His Popular Opinion Known in his Latest Video, ‘Won’t Go With The Flow’

Robert Nix East Coast Rocker


One thing is true about musician Robert Nix.  We know he won’t go with the flow.

The Toronto musician’s latest video, “Won’t Go With The Flow,” is visually compelling,  and the music represents one of his truest songs from among a catalogue that is based on his profound beliefs. The lead single can be found on the album Once In a Blue Moon.

Nix’ lyrics are outstanding, and could be considered poetry for our troubled age — an age where people care more about the bling on their cell phone, selfies and grabbing free music off the Internet —  than they do about each other. Nix spells it out: “I won’t go with the flow, ’cause if I do, I’ll end up where everybody else goes.”

Robert Nix has a unique outlook on life - Photo courtesy Robert Nix
Robert Nix has a unique outlook on life – Photo courtesy Robert Nix

Robert Nix’ Message

Nix has several important albums of which Once In a Blue Moon is the latest. He’s got a look that is a mix between Ric Ocasek and Evil Dead‘s Bruce Campbell, and the music is also somewhere in between.  He is unconventional, in video, his fourth-wall breaking, semi-comedic raised eyebrow stare plays to the camp. But his lanky appearance and wavering voice underscore the quiet urgency of his message, whether it’s about pollution, ecology, or standing your ground. In this case, “Won’t Go With The Flow” is simultaneously experimental and brave.  In an odd and cool sort of way, Nix really tells it like it is.

As in a similar fashion to the work of Neil Young, Nix — albeit in a completely different musical style — follows suit and it is satisfying to see artists trying to convey their important messages to the public, who either accept it or not.  Young seems to be facing an ever more uphill battle in getting his anti-Monsanto and anti-pollution messages across, as he is dismissed for whatever reasons, maybe his age, maybe denial on the part of the music-downloading public.  We can only hope that Nix doesn’t have that fate, and is not overlooked because his message is too political.

Nix’ previous work also, while perhaps considered “out there” by some, takes on some serious topics relevant to our world, our ethics and morals.  One standout piece is “Don’t Eat The Animals,” which has a very real and graphic video that accompanies, complete with advance disclaimer warning to viewers.

The Toronto musician has an interesting outlook on life, one we hope can catch on to an increasingly dumbed-down and sheep mentality consumer public.

Once in a Blue Moon is available on itunes or CD Baby to stream or purchase along with his entire discography and “Don’t Go With the Flow” can be streamed on Robert Nix’ Soundcloud and YouTube channels.