Abe Reviews – ‘Big World Abide: Best of Eric Anders’ is a Heartfelt Listen


Folk veteran Eric Anders’ release of Big World Abide: Best of Eric Anders is a compilation album of all of his previous works that come together and flow beautifully in way that makes it sound like an album on it’s own.

The project is mixed and remastered by Jeff Peters who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including The Beach Boys. Peters also mixed four of Anders’ other albums. There are plenty of components that make this album so memorable and enjoyable, but what really brings it all together is the singer-songwriter himself.

Anders’ ethereal voice is one that can be compared to the sounds of Jeff Buckley, yet he carries a type of poignancy similar to Cat Stevens. His powerful, and sometimes politically driven lyrics will make your heart heavy at times.

Though I didn’t like all of the songs on the album, I think he did a great job with the tracklist. All of the songs flow well and sound cohesive.

I cannot rave enough about Anders’ take on the Violent Femmes hit, “Blister in the Sun.” He took the upbeat 1980s party anthem and gave it a sedated, intense remix. Tethered on the Ground was another big hit of his and it was a great opener to the album. All of the strings in the background of his seasoned voiced and simple chords turn his music from listenable to a real classic.

Contemporaries of Anders are other folk masters such as Ray Lamontage, Ben Arthur, and Jack Johnson. Fans of Coldplay would appreciate this music too. Anders is bouncing back from what was a pretty disappointing start to high­potential music career. After five years without any new music, Eric is working on his record with M ark O’Bitz and Matt Brown. I have high hopes for this one.

Big World Abide is a great album and it has a sizable amount of little touches that make it feel whole. Though it feels almost too slow at times, he does a great job at making sure the listener is listening. The controversial lyrics are moving and eye-­opening at times, and his practiced voice is one that should be heard.