‘Heavy Metal Parking Lot’ Still a Classic 30 Years After Its Release

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.45.32 PMBy JOHN DALY for EastCoastRocker.com – The 15-minute film Heavy Metal Parking Lot is a true classic 30 years after its release.

Yes it was shot on the East Coast and maybe that’s why it has that familiar flavor — summer days with your babe, tailgating at a Judas Priest concert.

But as with anything, it’s the personalities and the characters that made this movie a unique cultural study; the girl with the striped shirt, the guy with the striped shirt, the guy with the beer and mullet — wait, that could be any of the kids in the 1986 short flick.

On an important anniversary in the history of cool music movies, we’ve embedded the metal rock movie, Heavy Metal Parking Lot here for your viewing pleasure:

Heavy Metal Parking Lot from Jeff Krulik on Vimeo.

HMPL 25th Anniversary Animation by Brad D from Jeff Krulik on Vimeo.