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EXCLUSIVE SONG PREVIEW: Check Out Flamin’ Groovies ‘Cryin’ Shame’ off New Album, ‘Fantastic Plastic’


Check out a song premiere released exclusively on EastCoastRocker.com and CaliforniaRocker.com by the Flamin’ Groovies, called “Cryin’ Shame.”

The new album is the first time in 38 years the guitarists and songwriters Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson reunite in the studio. They’re promoting the album with an East Coast tour.

Check out “Cryin’ Shame,” off the soon-to-be-released album, Fantastic Plastic.

‘Fantastic Plastic’

The Flamin’ Groovies have put together an upbeat and intricate punk-pop record with Fantastic Plastic and the record will bow on Sept. 22.

“It was 33 years that we hadn’t seen each other — we’re talking three decades,” Jordan said. “But when we got back together and I started showing him the musical ideas I had for [the new song] ‘End of the World,’ he immediately came up with the second verse. It was as if time and space hadn’t affected us. It was the same as it was back in 1979 when we were writing the songs for ‘Jumpin’ in the Night.’ We went back and locked into that. It’s really amazing.”

In addition to the music, Jordan also contributed the album’s cover illustration: An  homage to Mad magazine veteran Jack Davis’ artwork for the 1959 novelty album Monster Rally.

“I met Jack Davis a couple of years before he died,” Jordan recalled. “I told him, ‘I’ve got a band, I know you’ve done a couple of album covers, and I’d love to have you draw a cover.’ Anyway, Jack died, and I thought, ‘To hell with it, I’ll do Jack.’ You know, I used to work for Walt Disney, doing Mickey Mouse comics back in the ‘80s.”

The Flamin Groovies’ East Coast Gigs

Tues., Aug 22  WORCESTER, MA  Ralph’s Diner

Wed., Aug 23  NEW HAVEN, CT  Cafe Nine
Thurs., Aug 24  PHILADELPHIA, PA  Johnny Brenda’s
Fri., Aug 25  BROOKLYN, NY  Rough Trade
Sat., Aug 26  WASHINGTON DC  Hill Country Live
Thurs., Aug. 31  MALMO (SWE)  Moriska Paviljongen
Sat., Sept. 2  ROSKILDE (DK)  Gutter City Festival
Mon., Sept. 4  LA CORUNA (SP)  Garufa Club
Wed., Sept. 6  AVILES (SP)  Niemayer
Thurs., Sept. 7  BILBAO (SP)  Cafe Antzokia
Fri., Sept. 8  MADRID (SP)  Sala Caracol
Sat., Sept. 9  SAIT BOIX (SP)  Festival Altaveu
Tues., Sept. 12  TOULOUSE (FR)  Connexion
Wed., Sept. 14  PARIS (FR)  La Maroquinerie
Fri., Sept. 15  NANCY (FR)  Chez Paulette
Sat., Sept. 16  MONTBELIARD (FR)  Atelier Des Moles
Tues., Sept. 19  MANCHESTER (UK)  Ruby Lounge
Wed., Sept. 20  BRISTOL (UK)  The Fleece
Thurs., Sept. 21  LONDON (UK)  Under the Bridge
Fri., Sept. 22  AMSTERDAM (NL) Q-Factory
Sat., Sept. 23 GRONINGEN (NL) Vera
Thurs., Oct. 19  CHICAGO, IL  S.P.A.C.E. in Evanston
Fri., Oct. 20   NEWPORT, KY  Southgate House Revival
Sat., Oct. 21  CLEVELAND, OH  Beachland Ballroom
Wed., Oct 24  NASHVILLE, TN  Basement East
Thurs., Oct 25  ST. LOUIS, MO  Ready Room
Fri., Oct 26  KANSAS CITY, MO  Knuckleheads
Check out the Flamin’ Groovies playing “Teenage Head” in Los Angeles last year:

Get Ready for The Orwells: Chicago Band Brings Its Own Style of Punk – And Entourage – on The Road


When The Orwells hit the road they go in style.

More than a few people at The Regent Theater in Los Angeles last night made a mention that there seemed to be an unusually large number of young women in attendance at The Orwells show.  Maybe that’s because there were a lot of young guys on the stage, with The Orwells, The Walters and No Parents performing.

The Orwells play The Governors Ball 2017 - Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

The Orwells will play The Governors Ball 2017 – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

And while he may be attractive, it’s apparent The Orwells’ frontman Mario Cuomo’s strength is his vulnerable if not compelling performance, and he has the crowd in the palm of his hand from start to finish.

The Orwells will play the East Coast in late April, May and June.  They’re set for the Governor’s Ball 2017 in NYC. Their new album, Terrible Human Beings is dynamic and you can check it out here.


The Orwells Tour The East Coast

After seeing the three bands, comprised of all young hipster guys, it was no surprise there were so many girls hanging on the rail. But these bands didn’t fool around and got straight to work.

The Orwells may bring an entire entourage of pals and fans, but they clearly take no prisoners.


Frontman Mario Cuomo of The Orwells - Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

Frontman Mario Cuomo of The Orwells – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

No Parents impressed with their balls-to-the-wall punk, the frontman rocked a long skirt almost as well as George Lynch, and he was a whirling dervish, making the stage his own. It was an impressive show by No Parents.  No Parents takes punk and puts a modern twist on a solid genre.

Next up, The Walters, have something going on that is really their own. It was apparent that The Walters were a house favorite as the girls cried out for M.J., who did pushups, ran the stage, leaped into the audience a few times, and ripped off his shirt, swinging it around over his head.

The Orwells take no prisoners on tour - Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

The Orwells take no prisoners on tour – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

The music by The Walters seems to take on a new life when performed live.  Hats and shirts off to them, as this is no easy feat considering their recordings are tightly mastered and mixed.  The Regent Theater has a solid sound system, but frankly it’s hard to keep your eyes off the dynamic frontman and if the music doesn’t sound the same as the album, it’s hard to notice.

The Walters put on a passionate performance - Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

The Walters put on a passionate performance – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

As for headliner The Orwells, Mario Cuomo is the master of the understated as he goes from song to song, lamenting his way through each of the favorites. The crowd sings along with most of the tunes and it’s no wonder Cuomo guests on projects of veteran rockers as well as handily keeps his young fans equally entertained.

There weren’t too many variations on the set list from the last few performances, from what faithful followers said and there doesn’t need to be.

The Walters - Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

The Walters – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

The Orwells’ performance is something that stays with you long afterwards, it’s good to know there’s a band out there that can keep the house rocking, entertain the faithful and take familiar sounds into the future.

The fans - Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

The fans – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia



The Classic East and The Classic West Music Festivals Set the Dates, Tickets Go On Sale April 7


The Classic East and Classic West music festivals finally have a presence on the world wide web and tickets for the July concerts go on sale April 7.

The hotly anticipated classic music festivals feature Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Journey and Earth Wind and Fire.  On the East Coast, the event will be held at Citi Field in NYC on July 29-30, and on the West Coast the event will be held at Dodger Stadium on July 15-16.



For more information go to CaliforniaRocker.com and  The Classic.

Daly Review: Xombie Releases New Single, ‘Might As Well,’ Hardcore That’s Easy on the Ears


When you hear the new single, “Might As Well” by Xombie, you might just want to go jump off a stage. But you better do it before Xombie’s concerts get so packed that you don’t get a turn.

“Might As Well” is the first single from the Xombie upcoming album Super Cell, to be released June 2.  And these guys really know how to rock.

New York City Connection

Xombie is from New York City and they’re not fooling around with their style: They’re covering all the bases infusing punk, hardcore and rap. They’re the most fun since the Bad Brains. Stay tuned for the release of Super Cell and try to catch a show.

Formed in New York City in 2010, Xombie is Atom Crews on lead vocals, Roy Galvan on guitar and vocals, “Cadillac” Mike Martabano on bass and Eric Castillo on drums and vocals. Xombie will be a household name if your household likes hardcore.

Might As Well

The single, produced by Eric Castillo and John Naclerio (Nada Recording) is crisp and clear on all platforms, which in today’s world is an accomplishment in itself.

The guys are pretty stoked about their success. Xombie has supported acts like He is Legend, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Butcher Babies, Rittz, (Hed)PE, Like Moths to Flame, Otep, Dope, Bobaflex, Psychostick, Wu-Tang Clan’s Cappadonna, Apathy.

The group got almost 100,000 streams on Spotify last year. Their “Excuse Me Miss” video premiered on MTV-U in 2012.

How do they do it in such a tough genre? They raised $11,000 on Kickstarter in 2012.

Classic East Fest, Classic West Fest Bring Out Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles in LA, NYC in July

UPDATE: Tickets Go On Sale April 7 – Details


The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac will be the headliners at Classic East and Classic West in July it has been reported.  EastCoastRocker.com and WestCoastRocker.com will be on hand.

UPDATE: Classic East on July 29-30, Classic West July 15-16

The two bands are planning a bi-coastal music festival this summer, according to reports, and supposedly an annual franchise is in the works.

The shows are expected to be called Classic East and Classic West and they will be held in July, according to  Billboard. The shows are expected to be held at Citi Field in New York and Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles.

The festivals are expected to take place over two days and names like Jackson Browne have been mentioned as possible additional participants.

Among the companies involved are Live Nation, Azoff MSG Entertainment, CAA and Oak View Group.

Classic East and Classic West will be the first concert performance by the Eagles since the death of band founder Glenn Frey in January of last year.

Classic rock has been recognized as driving force in live music, and gained widespread attention since the success of Desert Trip last October. The Goldenvoice-AEG blockbuster concert held in Indio featured Paul McCartney, The Who, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters and Neil Young and drew the 40s-plus demographic.

Nicknamed “Oldchella,” the concert pulled in an estimated  $160 million in revenue.

MusiCares Tom Petty Tribute Raises More than $8 Million in Night of Heavenly Music Stars

Musical Pals of Tom Petty Come Out to Honor Him as MusiCares Person of the Year


Tom Petty and pals helped raise more than $8 million as the he was celebrated as the MusiCares Person of the Year.

Each year, the MusiCares tribute a highlight of GRAMMY week, as it raises money for health needs of musicians and honors a major artist.

Gary Clark Jr. performed with the Foo Fighters - Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

Gary Clark Jr. performed with the Foo Fighters – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

The Red Carpet was packed with music stars ranging from Gary Clark Jr., to Jeff Lynne.

The night was dedicated to Petty with his songs performed  by veterans Don Henley Foo Fighters, Taj Mahal and George Strait as well as young bands The Head and The Heart, Cage The Elephant and The Lumineers.

The ladies did their part in honoring Petty as well with Lucinda Williams and Regina Spektor bringing some flash to the show.

Jackson Browne brought some emotions to the songs “The Waiting” and “Learning to Fly.”

Stevie Nicks sang a duet with Petty, their famous 1981 hit “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” as Petty said she was practically family.

Stevie Nicks called Tom Petty her BFFFF - Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

Stevie Nicks called Tom Petty her BFFFF – Photo © 2017 Donna Balancia

Nicks told East Coast Rocker that Petty was her “BFFFFFFF” and how he penned at least one or two famous songs for her.

In accepting the honor, Petty recalled that Johnny Cash helped him, Mo Ostin rescued Petty’s song after MCA turned it down and he was the one to put out “Free Falling”

Petty said he was on his best behavior as his family was in the audience.

In a speech he made to the elegantly dressed audience of rock and roll fans, Petty recalled some stories of his mentors including Leon Russell and Johnny Cash.

He said Russell told him he had to “earn” the right to wear dark glasses at night.

“He said ‘s what the hell you doin with the dark glasses,'” Petty recalled.  “I don’t know it feels cool like Jimmy Keltner. He said, ‘Wearing sunglasses at night is an honor you earn. Lou adler had Johnny Rivers and the Mamas and Papas before he put them glasses on. Jack Nicholson made really shitty Boris Karloff movies before he put them glasses on. Well,” Petty said as he lifted his sunglasses to his face, “I’m putting my glasses on.”

Petty proudly wears sunglasses at night - Photo courtesy Libby Kaufman

Petty proudly wears sunglasses at night – Photo courtesy Libby Kaufman

Petty said he was fortunate enough to know the great Johnny Cash and loved his song “Big River.” He said young songwriters should listen to “Big River” about 60 times and “You’ll write something.”

Petty and the Heartbreakers made an album with Johnny Cash that won a GRAMMY for the best country record of the year “without being played once on a country station.”

“This morning I was looking through a box and a letter fell out, it was from John on my 50th birthday and it said Happy Birthday, you’re a good man to ride the river with.” That’s all I want to be is a good man to ride the river with and I’m gonna keep riding the river.”


Tom Petty Honored as Person of the Year by MusiCares Foundation and The Recording Academy


Tom Petty will be honored as the 2017 MusiCares Person of the Year tonight.

Petty is a three-time GRAMMY winner, and he is being honored for his significant creative accomplishments, his career-long interest in defending artists’ rights, and charitable work.

“Tom burst into our musical consciousness and never let go,” said Neil Portnow, President and CEO of the MusiCares Foundation and The Recording Academy. “His brand of rock and roll benefits from a celebratory rebelliousness, infectious rhythms, and unforgettable lyrics that are incised in our imaginations. His artistic talents coupled with his quiet philanthropy make him a great MusiCares Person of the Year honoree, and we are very fortunate to have the support of our Board, past honorees, and the musical community around this special event.”

“I am so very pleased to be honored as the MusiCares Person of the Year,” Petty said. “I have so much respect for this organization, which really does care about the people in our industry. I myself know many people who MusiCares has aided in desperate situations. Again, let me say, this is a true honor.”

Tom Petty is MusiCares Person of the Year - Photo by Takahiro Kyono

Tom Petty is MusiCares Person of the Year – Photo by Takahiro Kyono

Petty formed his first bands, most notably Mud Crutch, in Gainesville, Fla. As a college town in the 1960s, Gainesville brought with it fraternity parties, Rock and Roll clubs, AM radios playing the Beatles and James Brown, and a music store where you could buy equipment on credit. Forty years after releasing his first album, Petty is widely recognized as a man for whom those things Gainesville offered still matter the most.

In each of his five decades as a recording artist, Petty has charted albums in the Top 5 on the Billboard 200 chart. His most recent recording with the Heartbreakers, Hypnotic Eye, entered at No. 1.

Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Petty is an artist whose approach to record making and the business itself has earned the respect of his peers, his predecessors, and the young musicians who regularly hold him as an exemplar.  He has collaborated with Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jimmy Iovine, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, Rick Rubin, and Del Shannon, among others. And while his solo recordings, including 1989’s Full Moon Fever and 1994’s Wildflowers, are frequently ranked among the most important of their respective eras, Petty has always returned to the job he’s favored: fronting one of Rock and Roll’s most celebrated bands and bringing them enough songs for the next album.

Repeatedly confronting the inequities of the artist’s side of the industry, Petty has assumed a special place as a musician looking out for other musicians, and an artist who approaches every recording project as if it might be his best.

“Tom Petty is an icon whose incomparable artistry has provided inspiration to fans and musicians all over the world,” said Alexandra Patsavas, Chair of the MusiCares Foundation Board. “To honor him with this tribute is so fitting, and we certainly look forward to an exciting and extraordinary evening.”

Tom Petty - Photo by Takahiro Kyono

Tom Petty – Photo by Takahiro Kyono

The 2017 MusiCares Person of the Year gala will begin with a reception and silent auction offering an exclusive and unparalleled selection of luxury items, VIP experiences, and one-of-a-kind celebrity memorabilia for bidding guests. The reception and silent auction will be followed by a dinner, the award presentation and a tribute concert featuring renowned musicians. This year, for the first time, a limited number of VIP experience tables will be available for $75,000 that include: 10 seats, artist soundcheck, red carpet access, backstage access with a meet–and-greet, access to the pre-show auction, and a special VIP lounge.

Proceeds from the 27th annual benefit gala dinner and concert—to be held in Los Angeles during GRAMMY® Week two nights prior to the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards—will provide essential support for MusiCares, which ensures music people have a place to turn in times of financial, medical, and personal need.

The MusiCares Person of the Year tribute ceremony is one of the most prestigious events held during GRAMMY Week. The celebration culminates with the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on Sunday. The telecast will be broadcast live on the CBS Television Network at 8 p.m. ET/PT.