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‘Where Were You?’ Is the Latest Feather-Ruffler by Polished Provocateur Les Techno


The question is asked by Les Techno that a lot of people can’t answer.  So, “Where Were You?”

Les Techno has created — in a Thomas Dolby sort of fashion — a protest song for the new milliennium.

It’s the first music released since “Whatever Happened to Les Techno?” his acclaimed EP released last July.


Les Techno asks ‘Where Were You?’

Techno Has Cool Style

Techno has got cool style. His music is fun and has a great beat, reminicent of the 1980s electronic new-wave era.

The video is very well done, bringing in this Max Headroom-esque vibe.  We have the feeling Les is a fan of video games and has watched a lot of TV news.

Check out the Les Techno Facebook page.

Techno is a New York City rocker who played guitar, and sang in popular rock hangouts, including in the bands Sim-Stim and Love Posse.

His pals include the late Larry Coryell and Techno trained himself in synthesizers and analog music tech.  It’s obvious Techno’s got a strong background in tech and music and it’s a pleasure to hear this innovative artist do his thing.


Giant Flying Turtles Know How to Rock — Brooklyn Style


The Giant Flying Turtles, know how to rock — Brooklyn style.

With their new album, Waltz To The World, they present a modern sound that covers a lot of genres but it’s clear they are influenced by some of the classics.

The band is comprised of Calvin Bennett on vocals, upright bass and cello, Jim Toscano on drums and cajon, Johnny Young on vocals, piano, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, and percussion and TJ Jordan on guitars and vocals.

The experimental yet traditional sound incorporates the sounds and emotions of New York City with middle America music with hard driving rock and prog.

Flying Turtles Young and Bennett

Young and Bennett started playing as a duo in bars around Brooklyn. Soon they met drummer Toscano and the chemistry between the three was obvious. In 2016, virtuoso guitarist Jordan joined the group making the sound complete.

The Giant Flying Turtles have teamed with several different creative partners.

“Raven Hair” is featured in the film festival favorite One Wall – Kings of Coney Island, the story of handball champion Joe Durso.  The film has won accolades around the world.

“Keep My Dream Alive” was selected for the theme song for the film Shining In The Dark.

Giant Flying Turtles release their new album, Waltz To The World

Check out their Facebook page.

The band has a robust sound, like there’s a party going on around them all the time.  The sound incorporates swing, blues, country rock and progressive rock.

Freddie Nelson Fights ‘Mediocre New Music’ and Makes Waves With New Album, ‘Shake The Cage’

Getting Back to Real Rock N Roll


Pittsburgh rocker Freddie Nelson is rattling the bars with his new album Shake The Cage.

It’s a rock and roll album to the core.

Watch the new video for “Hey Doll”:


“The record is called Shake The Cage, because I feel that a lot of music has become one dimensional with tools such as pitch correction and formulated songwriting.  There is no substitute for hard work and honing your craft, and it’s time to challenge mediocrity,” Nelson said.

Nelson, who’ s from Pittsburgh, will release the new album on July 7. The single is “Hey Doll.”

Nelson says he wants to inspire musicians to try not to follow the pack and break out. He says today’s music is too homogenized. But he’s no prophet.

“I let my instincts guide me,” Nelson explains, “and this album is the result of living in the moment.”

Nelson and virtuoso guitarist Paul Gilbert (of Racer X and Mr. Big) collaborated on the album United States.  They wrote, performed, and produced the recording that was released on Mascot Records and they toured Japan and Europe shortly after.

After United States, Freddie started writing and recording songs for Shake The Cage.  During this time, he was again approached by Gilbert to help arrange and write songs for Gilbert’s latest solo release, I Can Destroy, produced by Kevin Shirley.  During the course of the recording sessions in Los Angeles, Nelson met world renowned drummer Thomas Lang, who volunteered his skills as a drummer for the project.

Freddie Nelson

Nelson has been in the music business since he was a kid and played in the East Coast hard rock band Triple X.  He had been solely a guitarist and songwriter, but in 2001 he stepped in front of the microphone and formed the rock band Too Tall Jones with Rusted Root bassist Patrick Norman. In 2001, Too Tall Jones released BiPolar, an eclectic mix of rock songs.

Shake The Cage by Freddie Nelson

You can pre-order Shake The Cage on iTunes and Amazon with instant gratification track. Limited edition hard copies available for pre-order on www.freddienelson.com. The single “Hey Doll” is available on all digital retail outlets.

Freddie Nelson

Album Credits: All songs written and produced by Freddie Nelson; Freddie Nelson – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, B3, Percussion; Thomas Lang  – Drums; Nina Sainato – Piano , Keyboards; Engineered by Freddie Nelson and Robby Breckinridge, Pittsburgh, PA; Mixed by Rob Hill at X Music Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Mastered by Mazen Murad at Metropolis Studios, London, UK; Photography by Tara Bennett; Art Direction by Nina Sainato; Graphic Design by Sean Montgomery


01.  Turn You On

02.  Hey Doll

03.  Light

04.  Never Fight Alone

05.  Keep Running

06.  Let You Go

07.  My Girl

08.  The Show

09.  All Night Long

10.  Monster In My Room

11.  For Those Who Die

Sara Ontaneda Fills the ‘Spaces’ Beautifully with New Album, ‘Entre Espacios y Colores’


Sara Ontaneda has released an album entitled Entre Espacios y Colores and it’s clear she could be the next hot crossover artist.

Entre Espacios y Colores is comprised of Her beautiful songs are in English as well as Spanish and they communicate on an ethereal level.  Sara’s voice is incredible and her songs tug at your heart and don’t let go. If you’re into alternative music with a hint of retro and South American flavor, Entre Espacios y Colores is for you.

Sara Ontaneda: Beautiful voice and music – Photo courtesy of Sara Ontaneda

There’s a haunting feeling about Sara’s work, her music is a mix of Brazil 66 with the attitude of Feist and very special on many levels. We are taken aback by the voice, the music and the production quality of this album.

Check out the Sara Ontaneda website.

So is the artist herself. Sara recently hosted a CD release show at The Bitter End on Bleeker.  To take that legendary NYC stage, you know she knows she’s got what it takes.

Sara’s no stranger to the music scene, having appeared at SXSW 2016, South Florida Folk Festival, and her Marte y Jupiter EP Ecuador Tour where she played in 4 cities: Guayaquil, Piñas, Quito, and Cuenca.

Check out Sara on Bandcamp.

In addition to performing the vocals on this new album, Sara writes the music and lyrics and plays synth. Her band is comprised of Alejandro Zorrilla on bass, Fabio Rojas on drums, David Manuhutu and Santiago Bosch on keys, Yoo Sun Nam on alto sax, Samuel Batista on Tenor Sax, Dustin Beardsley on trumpet and Kiho Yutaka on violin.

The music was recorded by Daniel Pasquel, Daniel Alba, Sebastian Ontaneda, Sara at Converse Rubbertracks Brooklyn and mixed and mastered by Sebastian Ontaneda.

This is truly an album for the collection.

Check out Sara’s Facebook page.


1. Chico Bien
2. Aprovechar
3. My City
4. A Pensar
5. Darling
6. Huecos
7. Waiting Outside
8. Park Drive
9. Guíame