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Donna Balancia

Donna Balancia is producer of East Coast Rocker and California Rocker


Donna Balancia is the producer of East Coast Rocker and California Rocker.

Gannett Co. gave Donna Balancia the chance to cover the music scene in New York City, where she interviewed a range of artists and reviewed performances from The Grateful Dead and The Ramones, to Blondie, Bob Weir, Todd Rundgren and Utopia, and The Clash, in addition to many others.

Since then, Donna Balancia has worked as a content editor for a range of companies with a focus on entertainment.

Bailey Mullins, Reviewer

Bailey is a music writer, publicist and promoter who lives in New York City.

Marcy Kraft, Contributing Writer

Marcy is a music industry expert with a background in artist management. In addition to being a GRAMMY member, she donates her time to a range of charitable music-related causes. She is a contributor to EastCoastRocker.com.

John Daly, Contributing Writer and Reviewer

John is a true music fan and die-hard.  He loves to go to shows and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to music reviews.

James Balboni, Photojournalist

James Balboni is a prominent photojournalist who covers a range of beats on the East Coast and on the West Coast. In addition to rock and roll, James is a fan of technology and aviation.

Rich Hoynes, Photographer and Reviewer

Rich Hoynes is an author and entrepreneur with a remarkable business pedigree.  His Great Jersey Musicians, is a must-have coffee table book.

Dottie Paris, Contributing Writer

Dottie has a love for music and loves to go to the shows. She has a special knowledge of deals and entertainment law, having covered legal issues and law-related stories for various media outlets.




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